This tutorial helps you to build a Grub USB stick to boot your operating systems.

Create basic folder structure

mkdir -p bootless/boot/{grub,custom}
wget   -O bootless/boot/grub/grub.cfg
wget -O bootless/boot/custom/custom.cfg


Please check and customize the downloaded configuration above. The defaults:

  • Have examples to help customizations.
  • Allows you to load into Grub and boot your OS using the grub shell.
  • Provides two functions, bootfde and bootimg to simplify booting your encrypted system.

You may also place custom images into the USB stick -- with the drawback to have to keep them up-to-date:

cp -r /boot /tmp/bootless/custom/debian

Create a bootable image

grub-mkrescue -o bootless.iso bootless

Record the image into the USB stick

WARNING! This will irrevocably replace the contents of your USB stick. Pay attention to get the right device. If your USB stick is attached to your computer and reachable through /dev/sdb, you just have to run

sudo dd if=bootless.iso of=/dev/sdb